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how to make money selling on amazon

how to make money selling on amazon

  1. 3mm oval dip lamp led: closer dot-pitch & high reliability can come true
  2. space between pins of lamp: 2.5mm, automatic plug-in can be put into practice
  3. clear transparent plastic makes very good color display
  4. emitting color: rgb full color
  5. x viewing angle(typ.): 100â°â± 5â°ï¼› y viewing angle: 50â°â± 5â°
  6. metal pin+ epoxy resin structure
  7. sensitive to esd
  8. package:2000pcs/bag
  9. application
    widely applied in outdoor full-color display p10,p8
    • merchandise street /advertisement media
    • stadium
    • culture plazza

336 oval full-color led series

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part number luminous
(typ. â°)
if(ma) reverse
(ua) vr=9v
min max min max min max
sd-l0336hrd2-ap 810 1500 1.9 2.2 620 630 100/50 20 1ua(max.)
sd-l0336pgd2-ap 1800 3000 2.9 3.4 520 530 100/50 20
sd-l0336bld2-ap 240 400 3.0 3.5 465 475 100/50 20


how to make money selling on amazon

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