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  1. led lifetime
    led materials technical information issued by manufacturers show that the life span of led emitters ideal state for 10,000 hours . ideal state means in the under constant pressure &constant-current laboratory led luminous body time is from the light-emitting to completle nolight-emitting. 1 o million hours is equivalent to 11 years.
    led display products’lifetime is no more than 8 years. as a function of the screen to see, when the display can be lit only at night when it is impossible to be proved that it is qualified with the value.
  2. to comply with gb
  3. the whole software free
  4. cost-effective
    depends on cost performance. to look at rather than simply look at cost-effective price.
  5. gray color
    as a dual-color and full-color display is an important indicator of gray. currently on the market many 1 6 level and 64 gray-scale displaypretend to be 256 gray-scale i, the cost of its control is only one fifth of the 256 gray-scale control o,. the easiest way to differ them is to play a more intense scenes campaign vcd view ,then you can judge this whether led display can be clear or not.
  6. to buy the high quality
    we should buy the best, everyt purchasing power comes from the needs .to meet the needs&go ahead of the time.blind pursuit will waste a lot of money &d the purchase its own functions you don’t require.
  7. practicality
    application is fundamental, as the application of consulting, software upgrades, hardware maintenance, maintenance and repair needs support for manufacturers
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