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Point-by-point calibration services

Point-by-point calibration services

Clients: Medium-sized display which has been finished installation.

Scope of application:

uneven arising from Installed or related perspectives

Aging of components cause uneven

The effect of the Adjustment

>> The first type can be guarantee Consistency under the diffirent viewing angles.

>> The second type can guarantee consistency under different perspectives.

The original picuture before the point by point adjustment

The picture after the adjustment

Correction of indicators:

>> From The human eye observation, shows new& even no apparent inconsistency.

>> But from Measuring apparatus,after adjusting, the brightness of a single point of angle is different < 5% Operation icon:


Install the software>> camera & display settings>> Take photos>> handle>> install point-by-point adjustment the controller>> the end of adjustment

The effect of the whole screen before adjustment:

The effect of the entire screen after adjustment:

The effect of the whole screen before adjustment:

Theeffect of the whole screen before adjustment:

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