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SMD 3528 LED Flexible Strip

SMD 3528 LED Flexible Strip

Main Description:

  1. Superbright SMD top LED
  2. Inter-connectable for a long space application,Can be cut to size at marked intervals and rejoined by electricians.
  3. 5 meters/roll, Length of the shortest functionable unit detachable is 50mm.
  4. 4. Runs on 12-volt systems like solar cell charged batteries; 24V is available too.
  5. 90% energy-saving than incandescent lights.
  6. Waterproof(IP67 or IP65) or nonwaterproof are both available.
  7. Quick and easy installation with self adhesive backing by simply removing the backing paper.
  8. Safety Level:Low heat dissipation,solid state,high shock or vibration resistant,no UV or IR radiation.
  9. Applications:
    1. Architectural decorative lighting
    2. Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting
    3. Amusement park, theater and aircraft cabin mood lighting
    4. Emergency hallway lighting
    5. Auditorium walkway lighting
    6. Stairway accent lighting
    7. Concealed lighting
    8. Backlighting for signage letters
    9. Channel letter lighting
    10. Emergency exit path lighting
    11. Cove lighting

More Photos of SMD 3528 Flexible LED Strip

Photo: 3528 red60 led permeter  whole injection ip68  white pcb Photo: 3528 warm white 60 led permetepvcsilicon hollow tube ip67 Photo: 3528 warm white 60 led permeterno waterproofna ip20
Photo: 3528 warm white 60 led permetersurface injection ip65  white pcb Photo: 3528  white 60 led permeter no waterproofna ip20 Photo: 3528 whole injection ip68  white pcb

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