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SMD 5050 Flexible LED Strip Light

SMD 5050 Flexible LED Strip Light

Main Description:

Our tri-chip SMD 5050 LED strips are our brightest, most durable, most efficient LED strip,the leader in the LED lighting for use in any location. The latest SMT( surface mounting technology) enable it to be applied any shape and applicable to any environment,Flexible SMD LED strip light provides a perfect solution that is applied across many different markets to include architectural design,DIY and event retail, Flexible SMD LED strip lighting is an ideal Lighting solution for building outlines,coves illumination,under cabinet illumination,back lighting,behind the headboards,guidance lighting.Especially suitable for commercial display.

LED,cabinet, advertising board ,signboard and window frame LED illumination.Our LED strip light adopts best LED chips which are packed by fully automatic solid chips, wire, powder,spectrophotometric and other equipment, You know the LED chip is the core to LED product, We also use very good PCB which are imported from Taiwan ,then we use our imported advanced design which lead the lights stay good transmission and not easy to cause dead LED ,and popular material sillicon glue excellent flexiblity enalbe the strips can be twisted 360 degree ,perfect stablity sillicon glue and solder bead let the strips still keep original after two years using. The installation is very easy, you only need to use clips and screws to fix and then connect to the power supply and the controller, that's it.

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